Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

Most photographers gravitate towards a certain brand of camera early on in there career. I myself am a declared Nikon girl and shoot with a top of the line full frame model in order to capture the best photos possible for you.
Rain or shine, when you arrive for your session with me you are 110% guaranteed to have fun. I can promise you gut busting laughter, good conversation and of course beautiful images. I believe that each individual deserves pictures that capture the true essence of themselves. This means that I won’t force you into unnatural poses but I probably will stand on my head to get a good smile from you.


Each session is completely customizable. We will work together to customize outfits, accessories and to pick the perfect location for you.

I’ll be coaching you throughout the entire session and I have tons of tips for helping you look your best. I offer on location sessions as well as shoots at my home studio in Wicker Park.
Most sessions last approximately an hour but there isn’t a clock running and I won’t stop until I feel that I have “the” picture. You know, the one that you love the moment you see it!

Titilayo Ayangade

Titilayo Ayangade

Professional Photographer
Hey there! I’m so glad to see you here. I can’t wait to learn more about you when we meet for our session, but first I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a photographer and classically trained cellist living in the best city in the world ( go Cubs go!). I’m all about going with the flow and creating beautiful art is what gets me most excited. I have a passion for adventure that has taken me all over the world and is how I got started with photography. Since 2009 I’ve been taking photographs filled with light and color. Born and raised in Ohio, when I’m not glued to my camera, I play cello and perform with many ensembles in the Chicago area. Fun fact about me: I’m the perfect photographer for all you actresses/actors and musicians out there because feel your pain! I’ll never make you hold your tuba on your head (unless you want to) or make you smile circa your 2007 yearbook photo.